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MIUI 9 is the much-anticipated new version of its MIUI custom Android ROM. The New-edge version of MIUI brings some great features and enhancements to Xiaomi’s smartphones. here in this article, we are going to highlight five keys features of MIUI 9.

5 New awesomely Features Coming To Xiaomi Smartphones

Today, Xiaomi has launched the awaiting MIUI 9. MIUI 9 is the greatest deal-expected new version of its MIUI custom Android ROM. The ROM is based on Android 7.0 Nougat. Right now, the UI is mostly available for some selected smartphones in China.

MIUI 9 will soon quickly be multiple eligible Xiaomi handsets At any where, the modern version of MIUI brings a few more regular features and upgrades to Xiaomi’s smartphones. here in this article, we're going to spots 5 keys Available to MIUI 9.

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1. System Priority.

MIUI 9 has a brand new update which goes by the name “Dynamic useful resource Allocation”. This incredible new feature lets users set priority to the device assets of the app that's in use. The feature will supply better performance and stability.

2. Smart Assistant.

you could compare this to Google Assistant. Today's model of MIUI introduces a clever assistant which can perform many tasks like searching for photos, texts, opening links and lots more. customers can set off clever Assistant by swiping their smartphone to the right on the home display screen.

3. Smart App Launcher.

this is another maximum interesting feature introduced in MIUI 9. the new smart app launcher  some suggest apps to launch primarily based on the content at the display screen. for example, the launcher can robotically open Google Maps if a user is planning to move somewhere.

4. Depth Search For Photos.

this is another characteristic added in MIUI 9, this feature gives a users sort out many photos without any hassle. customers can look for photos based on locations, expressions, activities, or even screenshots.

5. Accelerated Startup Of Apps.

MIUI 9 will make your devices faster. the brand new feature makes a speciality of enhancing app startup times. The organisation has even posted a video, which compares the begin-up time of apps in opposition to Samsung Galaxy S8 and Huawei P10. Smartphones running on a slower processor will see a great development in App begin-up time.

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So, those are some of the given features of the new-edge version of MIUI brings. So, what do you think about this? Let's heard your mind at the comment box below.

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