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We perform various things on our Android smartphones. however, as the time our smartphone goes offline,   there’s a sense of dread and no helplessness. Today, we're going to list few Things which you probably didn’t know your device can perform while it’s offline.

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5 Things You Can Do With Your Android When It Is Offline

well, we are proper now in a technology live, where our Android Device is more than computer that we easly carry in our pocket. the most reason why most peoples select Android over other mobile working device is that, this platform has the specific form on every purpose.

We perform the numerous task time to time on our Android smartphones like summoning acab to visit paintings, ordering food, analyzing news and staying in touch with friends via social media. however,as quickly as our phone goes offline, there’s a feel of dread and unhelpfully.

So, in this post, we are going to list few things which you probably didn’t know your Device can do while it’s offline.

1. Navigations.

Google Maps is the maximum used app for navigation. Google Maps also works offline, customers can down load the maps for a particular Area for offline viewing. Google maps turn out to be very beneficial while you’re are visiting some where in which your Device Data connectivity is low.

2. Watching YouTube videos.

in case you are on flight or a way to travel and if you're getting bored, then you can use YouTube videos.YouTube gives users the option to save videos for offline view. there are many different apps available in Google Play store, which lets you save videos offline, but must of them require a monthly subscriptions.

3. Reading Articles

If you like to study, you don’t need to hold a book around. Your Android smartphone is enough to help you read a news, books even with out Device records. users can install the Pocket app on their Android Device to save articles from the internet simply to study them later.

4. Instant Massaging Apps.

Apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook messenger hasn’t come up with the feature that allows users to exchange messages while they are offline. But, there is an app known as Firechat which allows users to chat with anyone within 200 feet of their location. The app completely works on Bluetooth.

5. Editing Documents. 

If we talk about documents,Google drive is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms which is used by millions of users worldwide. Google Drive lets you edit documents when you are not connected to the internet. However, the document you want to edit must be downloaded first before you can edit it in offline mode.

Here are the tasks which you can perform while your Android Device is Offline. is this Helpful? Share And make comments at the comment box below.

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