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Do you know that most popular apps like facebook, Twitter, and Youtube consumes lots of data? those apps even have a lighter version in Google Play store, which can save lots of data. right here in this post, i am going to list 5 “Lite” model of a popular chat app that you need to install right now on your device in other to save your data.

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5 ‘Lite’ Apps Will Save Your Mobile Data.

Today, almost everyone use the internet for downloading, browsing and uploading, which it's consumes  lots of data. If we talk about an Android operating system, it consumes much extra data in comparing to any other mobile OS. well, with the rise of Android and most hungry apps, it have become tough to restrict internet charges.

however, do you know popular apps like facebook, Twitter, and Youtube consumes lots of data? but with the help of the light versions of the app,  we can save alot of our mobile data. however, those apps are available at the Google playstore which you can get the direct from there.

here are the light versions of the apps below.

1. Facebook Lite

This app is really impressed, in terms of speed. this app can work simultaneously even using 2g Network. the app uses small amount of data, space and Phone ram not like the Facebook app, this app has thesame features as the Facebook app, which You update your profile, search other people, groups and sharing to timeline.

2. Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite is the lightweight version of facebook Messenger. This app is super fast and uses less data and its works in all network conditions. this app is smaller in size and it downloads quick and uses less storage space.

3. Twitter Lite

twitter app consumes plenty of data and storage. Twitter lite isn't an app. you can visit from your mobile device web browser and it will redirect you to a redesigned site. This web site will no longer show any images and videos which makes it in really speed and data effective.

4. Skype Lite

Skype Lite is the brand new Skype built for some selected country like India, in other to fulfill your each day messaging and video communication needs. it's small,fast, and capable. It lets you send free messages and make voice & video calls even under limited Network condition.

5. YouTube Go

this is the light-weight version of YouTube app. This app looks comparable to default YouTube app. The app lets users to download movies on their smartphone or SDcard just to play them without buffering. This app consumes less data and works under limited Network condition.

those are the five high-quality “Lite” popular apps which you need to install it right now. So, what do you think about this? share your own desire using the comment Box below.

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