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Android users, have you wondered the things you could do with your android device without having to root it, well I'm sure you don't, and that's why you need to read this article, in this article I'll be listing some untold hacks you can do without rooting your android device, so let's begin.

Android Os with no doubt is the best Os in our modern world, not because it has high numbers of users but its because of the exceptional features it offers to it users, and most of this features are mostly exploited through rooting but not all, so that's why I've decided to list some of this untold hacks you can do with your android device without having to root it, this hacks are listed below.

13 Untold Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting

1. Hack Games Without Rooting

Hacking games on non-rooted android device is very rare, because all game hacking related tools are mostly available on rooted Android device, but there's a tool you can you can use and it works fine without root access, this app is called Game Killer and it let's you hack into any game, you can download it from the link above.

2. Controlling Your Desktop With Your Android Device

Chrome Remote Desktop is an app that was recently developed by google, this app let's you control your desktop home from your phone, it's very cool tho and it makes accessing your desktop more fun.

3. Recording Your Android Screen

Screen recording is actually fun and it let's you record all you're doing on your android device, its very essential for those giving video tutorials, here's are names of screen recording apps you can use on your android device without having to root it, this apps are Az Screen Recorder: No Root DU Recorder and they work just fine without root access.

4. Using S6 Edge Display

If you're one of the admirers of Samsung S6 Edge Display, and you want to have a taste of its beautiful launcher, well there's an app which you can use, it's called Edge Display this app will give you the exact same look very similar to Samsung S6 Edge.

5. Automating Your Android Settings

If you want your android settings to be exactly how you want it to be, then you should install Automatelt, with this you can create commands for your android device and make your work more easier.

6. Running Old Games With Nes Emulator

Remebring the days of super Mario, Sonic and Contra evolution, this games are games you can't miss out playing during childhood, but due to the advance technology in our today's world, we can barley play this games again, but with NES Emulator we can play any of our favourite old games without going through any stress.

7. Controlling Smart Devices With Your Android Device

Life has been easy with an advanced improvements in technology, this saves you from stressing out to turn on/off your air conditioner or even controlling your blu-ray player, you can click this link to see To see how you can control smart devices with your android device

8. Changing Navigation Buttons On Android

Navigation Buttons are automatically set with default launchers, but if you find inconvenience in them, you can easily configure them to you're desired wish with this simple app called Home 2 Shortcut

9. Hide Pictures From Appearing In Photo Gallery

Sometimes we always feel our pictures need some privacy, if you're the type who keeps wild or adult pictures on your android device, you can easily follow up this Link to know how you can hide pictures on your phone without using any app.

10. Recording Ongoing And Outgoing Calls

Apps like Automatic Call Recorder let's you record your phone conversation with anyone, it's cool tho and it doesn't require root access, all you need to do is download the app then run it in background, it will automatically start recording the moment you place a call or receive a call.

11. Removing Bloatwares

Everyone knows how annoying and useless bloatwares on android device, they offer nothing than to eat up the space on android device and also make it slow, but you click this link to know How to remove bloatwares from android device without rooting

12. Adding Soft Key Buttons On Android

You can add extra soft keys to your android screen, this doesn't require any root access and it's very simple to do, you can check this post To know how to add soft key buttons on Android

13. Installing Kali Linux On Android Device

Kali Linux is the best operating system for anything related to hacking, it can also be installed on Android devices, but only for rooted android device but you can click this link to know How to install kali Linux on android device

Above all are the 13 Untold Android Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone, this hacks are very cool and you can try them out your self. Hope you like this post, and also don't forget to share and comment.

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