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Every android gamers do wish for quality gaming experience when playing a game on thier android device, tho not all who plays game do enjoy it deu to one reason or the other, probably wacky performance occurring from thier android device when playing a game, but that's not an issue because this article will teach you 3 Ways To Boost Up Game Performance when playing a game on your android device, all you need to do is read the articles below to know how you can carry this out.

I could remember when the 1st android divice came into existence, the type of games we play then where angry birds and temple run, lol we all knw games like that doesn't need requirements to run them, so people play with ease without facing any lagging. But now they've been series of Android devices and also packs of games, tho everyone is eager to play them, I am and you're also, but what happens when we try playing asphalt 8 Airborne on a device with 1gb ram and it starts giving you wacky performance, you'll feel disgusted and at the same time infuriated, don't let that be an issue for there's a way to play any game of your choice even if your device doesn't meet the full requirements and this works for both rooted and non rooted Android device.

3 Ways To Boost Up Game Performance On Android Device

This steps are cool and very easy to carry out and all you be needing is root access and also one or two applications that'll help you modify system settings before running a game 

Steps To Boost Up Game Performance On Android Device

Step 1. You need to have a rooted Android device, and if your android device is not rooted, you need to root it.

Step 2. If you've rooted your android device you need to download GI Tools (Graphic Optimizer) this app helps you boost graphics performance on your android device.

Step 3. Now launch the app, but you'll be asked to grant super user access for the app, make sure you do that.

Step 4. There's a plugin that needs to be added to make this app work it shown to you and all you need to do is select it TEX(DE)coder.

Step 5. You'll need to agree t&c for the plugin to be downloaded, after the downloading is completed, install the plugin and restart your device immediately.

Step 6. After reboot, launch the app then you'll see all your apps and games listed in it, you can choose any game you wish to boost it performance.

Step 7. From the picture shown below, There're lots of options there and all you need to do is set it according to your wish.

Using Android Developer Option

Andoid comes with many features and I'm sure most people don't know 4x MSAA in android developer option, well it's an options that lets you play any game on your android device with its optimization abilities.

Step 1. You'll need to activate developer options but navigating to settings>about, then tap the bill number like 7 times.

Step 2. Now open developer options

Step 3. Now you need to find the option “Turn on 4x MSAA”. You need to enable it.

That all, now you cab run any game and it will work smoothly on your device but keep note that this process drains battery a lot,  it's more like a 50-50  option, the choice is left for you to decide.

Using Dr Booster

Dr Booster is an app that frees up space on your android device, reduce hotness coming from your device and it also allows you to play any game of your choice with just one single tap, it has a good user rating and works according to how it was described.

Thats all about the 3 Ways To Boost Up Game Performance On Android Device,  this steps are cool like I said and you won't be worried anytime you wanna play a game on your android device,  if this post is helpful to you, don't forget to share and comment.

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