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How do we identify a computer geek?? There're so many ways to identify them, a computer geek who has no knowledge of the 40 most common keyboard Shortcuts shouldn't be considered to be a geek🤒🤒, but its not too late to master this keyboard Shortcuts offhand, the 40 key tricks are listed below so check them out.

40 keyboard Shortcuts You Should Keep Note Of

1. F1 – Rename the selected file

2. F3 – Search for a file inside My Computer

3. F4 – Opens the address bar inside My Computer

4. F5 – Refresh the active window/web page

5. ALT+F4 – Closes the active window, files, folders

6. ALT + ENTER – Displays the properties of the selected files



9. ALT + TAB – Switch between the open apps

10. CTRL + D – Sends the item to recycle bin

11. CTRL + RIGHT ARROW – Moves the cursor to the beginning of the next word

12. CTRL + LEFT ARROW – Moves the cursor to the beginning of the previous word

13. CTRL + ARROW + SPACEBAR – Let you select individual items in any folder.

14. SHIFT + ARROW – Select more than one item in a window or on a desktop.

15. WIN + E – Open File Explorer from anywhere

16. WIN + L – Locks your PC

17. WIN + M – Minimizes all opened windows

18. WIN + T – Lets you switch apps on the taskbar

19. WIN + PAUSE – Immediately displays your system properties.

20. WIN + SHIFT + M – Opens minimized windows on the desktop.

21. WIN + Number 1-9 – Opens the running windows of the app pinned to the taskbar.

22. WIN + ALT + Number 1-9 – Opens the jump list for the app pinned to the taskbar.

23. WIN + UP Arrow – Maximize the window

24. WIN + Down Arrow – Minimize the Desktop window

25. WIN + Left Arrow – Maximize the app to the left side of the display

26. WIN + Right Arrow – Maximize the app to the right side of the display

27. WIN + Home – Minimizes all desktop window expect the active window.

28. SHIFT + LEFT – Selects one character of text to the left side.

29. SHIFT + RIGHT -Selects one character of text to the right side.

30. SHIFT + UP – Selects one line each time the arrow is pressed

31. SHIFT + Down – Selects one line towards the down each time the arrow is pressed.

32. CTRL + LEFT – Moves the mouse cursor to the beginning of the word

33. CTRL + RIGHT – Moves the mouse cursor to the end of the word

34. WIN + C – Opens the Charm Bar on the right portion of your computer screen.

35. CTRL + H – Opens browsing history in the web browser.

36. CTRL + J – Opens download tabs in web browser.

37. CTRL + D – Adds the open page to your bookmark list.

38. CTRL + SHIFT + DEL – Opens the window where you can clear your web browsing history.

39. CTRL + [+] – Zoom in the web page

40. CTRL + [-] – Zoom out the web page

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