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Do you wish to enjoy better audio quality on your android device? If yes then you're in the right place, I'll be showing you how this can be carried out with just a single module tweaking and this method only works on rooted Android device.

How To Enhance Android Device For Better Audio Quality

This process is only for rooted Android device, so if you're using a non-rooted android device, it won't work for you and also make sure to have TWRP tool installed on your android device because it will be needed in step 4, so let's begin.

Steps To Enhance Android Device For Better Audio Quality

Step 1. Carrying out this steps correctly will help you enhance the sound quality of your android device with process of utilizing Ainor Nero Mod  this is an advance audio enhancement module that was created by UltraM8s developers. This module is actually special because its extremely different  any other mods you can name. Unlike any other mods or apps, you can remove the old audio API from your Android device and help you install a custom audio API, this let you get the best audio quality, but make sure to download the Ainor Nero mod from the link shown above.

Step 2. Make sure to have to an indicated folder where you can save the file once you're about to download the Ainor Nero mod, this gives you the chance to easily locate the downloaded file when you need it.

Step 3. This step requires TWRP custom Recovery tool and hope it has been installed on your android device. If you haven’t installed this tool, then kindly go to play store and download it. Note: this app is of two types, the free version which has limited functions and the paid version wich features all functions

Now open the TWRP tool and use it to flash the mod file which you downloaded, just locate the mod file from where you saved it, open it and flash it with TWRP.

Step 4. Let the flashing process begin, all you need to do is log into the TWRP tool and click on the install button. It would then ask you for the location where you saved the mod file, locate it and begin installation after selecting the mod file. After a while, the Audio quality of your android device will be enhanced. This process isn't a magical one lol, all that happened in this process is that your old android ApI has been remove and a new one has been installed, and the news one is an amplified version which tweaks your audio and gives you a better sound.

Thats all about enhancing android device for better audio quality, this tweaking is very simple and straightforward and it will help you get the best audio quality out of your android device. Don't forget to share and drop your comments.

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