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Let's take a close look at ourselves being humans, God made us superior to any other livings things on earth, we are intelligent and at the same time smarter than any living creatures, but how can we improve our intelligence?? Its quite simple and only interactions with with poeple and webpages could help us out and that gives me the opportunity to list out some of the best websites to improve our intelligence, follow this article to know more about this.

Technology has played a big impact in our moderm world, physically and mentally it has had a big impact in our lives, The internet is also a branch of technology and it has influenced both negatives and positive impact to most lives, an example is social networks, most people spend most of thier time on this, day in day out, checking facebook and also navigating through twitter and Instagram, it doesn't help ones life tho, although it brings fun and other stuffs, but there're other websites out there with better aim to improve and make us smarter, so I'll be listing them out in this post, just take your time and read them and see if it will help improve you.

This 10 Websites Will Help You Get Smarter

1.Unplug The Tv

Lol it sounds funny enough tho, but what does it mean? You don't know, now you know because unplug the tv will help you become smarter, it will boost your morale and inflict fresh and positive ideas to your mind, but all you need to do is unplug your television because its a mode of distraction😂😂... sounds funny but true.

2. Thesaurus

This website has played a big role in improving people's vocabulary, in here you'll learn the structure of synonyms, essay improvement and also acquire good skills when making a speech, always make sure to visit this website daily.

3. Spreeder

Spreeder let's you improve on your reading abilities I.e improves your readings skills, if you're the type who's having hard times with good reading abilities, then this site is perfect for you. All you need to do is to just paste what you want to read then let the online machine do the rest.

4. Instructables

Creative minds with good innovations, if you're the type with this qualities then you're in the right place,  instructables will give you video tutorials on how to create designs, teach you about how to cook with different types of cooking recipes, and also how to make handmade tools.

5. Khan Academy

Best online teacher for students, this websites gives video tutorial about any kind of subjects, it let's you improve your study abilities, even if you miss a day in school, you can visit this site and study alone and this keeps you in track with other students.

6. Do It Yourself

Perfect website for art and craft lovers, if you want to learn how to craft things from scratch then give this website a tryout, you'll get video tutorials and follow up the website name, which is 'Do It Yourself'😂😂😂

7. Wikipedia

Not new to internet users, Wikipedia covers almost every thing about the old world and the new world, stories from 5,000 BC and 10,000 AD are all available for reading on Wikipedia and it's a user friendly websites and also gives users the chance to edit any story they feel it has a missing word.

8. Quora

Quora is the perfect website to meet smart people and people smarter than you, it's about asking and answering questions, anytime you see a question and you feel you're smart enough to answer it, you're free to go ahead, and sometimes you can keep note of people's answer, doing this will also make you smarter.

9. Digital Photography School

If you want to improve your photography skills then this website is the right place for you,  you don't need to stream videos in here, all you need to do is read meaningful articles and also interact with fellow photographers, either a beginner or an expert, you can interact with them and also improve your photography skills.

10. Udemy

Udemy is not new to internet marketers, it's one of the largest online market place,  and it has over thousands of free courses for students to learn and improve thier skills.

Thats all about getting smart,  this websites will help you a lot, physically and mentally, and it's better than wasting precious time on social medias, if you find this post helpful, kindly share and comment.

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