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Recently, I visited the Google playstore looking to update the apps on my phone, but got bumped into some bunch of games so I decided to try them out even when I know I can't install all but the ones I installed are quite interesting to play. So I'm listing them out with the ones I didn't install, for you to download and enjoy.

Top 10 Games You Should Play On Your Android Device

1. FZ9: Timeshift - Legacy Of War

Speaking Of quality android games, I think y'all should give this game a tryout, it's very cool and has less stress when playing, play different level stories and also fight to protect the world from terrorists, some features are added to it like ridding bikes and aslo showing off some solo combat skills.

2. Iron Blade: Medieval RPG

Developed by gameloft, iron blade is also a good game to play, it has high graphics characters and also good user rating in Google playstore, you can play online and also offline but the interesting part of playing online is, it gives you the privilege to attack other players and conquer thier castles in order to earn your self a spot in the hall of fame.

3. Cover Fire

Cover fire is based on building strategies and using them to face challenges, if you're looking to enjoy online battles then this game is perfect for you, in here you can build your team, build any weapon of your choice and explore a world of challenging quest. So the question is, Do You Accept The Challenge??

4. Combat Elite: Border Wars

As a soldier you're tasked contest in various battles and accomplish different missions across the globe, help save life's of innocent people and also fight for honour and get your name written in the hall of fame, very similar to front line commando but the difference is the bike riding features that's being added to combat Elite, so downlaod and enjoy.

5. Gang War Mafia

Gang War Mafia focuses on a community based multiplayer system, allowing you to share your stats around the world, on Android & IOS devices. Players are allowed to custom design their own personal gangster to fit their needs and send them out to cause mayhem and devastation. 

Experience a whole new generation of graphics on this mobile android game, deadheads is an offline / online fps game, you can play solo and also play with other players to battle against aliens terrorising the communities, you can play as an infected playera and also non-infected, this game is cool tho it's starting is kinda difficult but its nice to play and also has some cool weapons like laser cut sword and powerful chemical weapons.

I couldn't help but to add this game after watching it's trailer version, damn this game is cool, it's an open world game just like gta and also has some similarities to gta 5, has Amazing 3D graphics, fast cars and has a lot of missions, filled with amazing characters I'm sure you're going to fall in love with this game, I haven't downlaoded it tho, but watching the trailer version has given me a reason to download it.

8. Mrityu: The Terrifying Maze

Wanna feel terrified?? Then try out mrityu: the terrifying maze, just like resident evil and any other zombie games we can name. I think this one is more frightening because its a maze and we all know how scary maze can be and also unpredictable.

9. Sr Street Racing

Get into a driver's seat of strong racing cars, ride along the night city avenues and outrun rivals. Turn your self to be the best road racer in this energizing racing game. Select among different autos having interesting outline and one of a kind specialized attributes. 

10. King Author

help Arthur get energy of the Excalibur sword, battle against warriors of evil Vortigern and turn into a genuine ruler. In this Android amusement you will meet legends of the new film. Ruler Arthur and his group must guard their property from foe intrusion. Help the legends in this respectable mission. 

Above all are the list of Top 10 Games You Should Play On Your Android Device, this games are of various graphics and may not work on all devices below 4.0 And 2gb ram, 

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