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Let's talk about softwares, we all know nowadays people don't like spending thier cash on buying softwares but will rather want to get it free, that's why we have alternatives to getting paid things from online store or website. So today I'll be listing some cool sites to get free and quality softwares.

Top10 Cool Sites To Download Free Softwares For Windows Pc

Based on logistics, this sites are listed deu to thier trustworthiness and ability to provide free virus clean softwares for free without demanding a penny from people downloading this softwares, so take a look at this sites below.

1. Ninite

So far one of the most recommended free software downloading sites, it gives you free quality softwares and also has its own personal installer, this makes installation of any software more easier. Its very popular because its safe and also has high security level.

2. Softpedia

This use to be by favourite, one of the largest file hosting websites online  and it has all kind of softwares you need, not only softwares but also drivers for windows, Linux and other operating systems, softpedia to me is one the sites you can trust even without sight.

3. Majorgeeks

Having similar design to kick ass torrent, lol but its not. Majorgeeks is a fast loading site where you'll get any type of software conveniently and it's been known for it reliability over the span of 15 years. 
4. Filehippo

Here's another popular site for downloading free softwares, but what makes filehippo different from others?, filehippo doesn't really keep much of old software version unlike others, filehippo tends to provide all latest software version, it's safe and doesn't give room for ads popup.

5. File puma

Everything has its lookalike and that's the case between filehippo and filepuma, tho they may have the same similarities but filepuma can easy be accessed unlike filehippo, it's web interface is cool and easy to navigate into. 
6. Downlaod crew

Download crew is quite cool, tho getting what you want here might be complicated at times because all listed softwares here are given short discriptions and reviews, but its a cool place and not only windows softwares can be downloaded here, you can also get Android, IOS, Linux programs all free.

7. File Horse

Known for its collection of most used softwares, file Horse is a a good place to get free softwares for your windows pc, tho it doesn't huge amount of free softwares but it will provide you with the best and most used software.

8. Snap Files 

Snap files is known for its reliability, here you can get any free softwares of your choice, you're eligible to get any kind of softwares, free or trial and it also have a daily freeware pick section to those who visit the sites daily.

9. Donation Coder

Very much different from the sites listed above, you can also get your free softwares here without spending a dime but you'll need to donate before you can downlaod any software here.

10. Brothersoft

Also very popular some years back and it's still, brothersoft the top 5 leading downloading website during its time, even after loosing it's predominance, it still provides good quality softwares to windows user.

This are the 10 Cool Sites To get free softwares for your windows pc, any kind of software just go there and search for it, you'll surely get it. Hope you like the post?? Kindly share with friends and also drop a comment.

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