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GBWhatsapp has been around for a very long while and it has even been discovered that many even prefer using the mod version of whatsapp which is tge GBWhatsapp to the real whatsapp. The GBwhatsapp comes with a lot of features and right now there is a new version the popular gbwhatsapp which is the GBwhatsapp v6.10 apk.

What’s New in GBWhatsApp 6.10

*Update to the new version 2.17.427

*Add the new Watsab Vesat

*(Exclusive) You can now stop the Internet for Watsab and keep the Internet working in other programs

*Add option 5.6 to raise video in the case of 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds

*Now in the groups will appear ( Add the option) 2.7.7 To change the size of the floating button

*Add option 2.7.8 to change the place of the floating button (left or right of the screen)

*Add the clock sticker

*Add option 2.1.10 to hide the icon Stop Internet From the conversation screen

*Activate the notification feature of your contacts when you change your number

*Add control of the settings of the group Only for moderators (will be done soon by the server)

*German support

*Improved sending message to an unsaved number in your device

*Fixed the option of option 6.2 when receiving multiple images (album)

*Fix option number 6.11 in some versions

*Repair crash when opening conversations that have done its privacy

*Fixed a problem (failure to play this video) in some setups

*Select message / conversation

*Other fixes.

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