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As the celebration of New Year is still on, I will like to show you guys on how to reinstall the old Autodesk Sketchbook version 3.7.

Bloggers this days do blog on other things related to mobile and left designers behind. Oh yes it's painful if you are on their shoes that they keep on tunneling the hole of Google to find out a way to fix problem related to Designers but all to no avail. Today, am here to minimize that base on our site URL

Every designer, be it graphic or anything else that makes use of autodesk must have been finding it difficult after updating his autodesk sketchbook app to its latest version 4.1 because of too many bugs which i believe will be fixed in its new version.

The worst of it all is that to opt-out from its latest version 4.1 to its old version 3.7 is operation cross no gutter lol - that is to say that it's seems impossible.
It's impossible but God made it possible by bringing the wisdom to one of our whatsapp group member and also a pro in times of graphic designing via Michael Ayodele . With no much words, follow the procedure below to Get back to work with your graphic designing.


Step 1. Download Autodesk sketchbook version 3.7 Here

Step 2. Uninstall the installed version 4.1

Step 3. Now goto your file manager and locate the autodesk folder and move it into any different folder.

Step 4. Now install the downloaded Autodesk Sketchbook v3.7 and boom it will install with no obstacle.

NOTE: This trick is not from me rather Michael Ayodele brought it to my desk after is was confirmed working.

Enjoy while it lasts. Always remember to share with your friends and comment as well to motivate us for our service.

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