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Post last Updated on 20, March , 2018

jumia Black Friday offers a best discounts on all kinds of Phones.

Jumia Black Friday Phone Prices In 2018 get the best discount price with the best Quality Brand on Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, iPhone, Gionee, HTC phones, On Jumia market Nigeria Black Friday Sales Deals & Offers. smartphones usually comes with the discount From 30% - 60%, which is a great opportunity for you to get your smartphone with some little money.

if a phone is selling at N30,000naira at a normal price, and when jumia black Friday comes, it's can be at N15,000naira, which you have a discount of 50%, and you have some money saved to your box. you can see the discount you have which is N15,000naira discount from normal price.

There is no better time in the year to buy latest smartphones at a very discount price than Jumia Black Friday. For some of our blog subscribers who have been sending their questions on when is the next Jumia Black Friday date?

jumia black Friday it's always starts on the last Friday of November.

Last year’s Black Friday was 25th Nov 2017 and ended up December and from our calendar this year, Jumia Black Friday 2017 started on 24th November.

for now, jumia black Friday 2017 has ended. if you have missed jumia black Friday 2017 or you are not aware of the date. just cold down your mind not to be thinking you have lost your opportunity. we all knows that opportunity comes once.

but there's another opportunity to reach you again since jumia black Friday always comes at the end of the year, and it's starting at November and ended up in December

so just bookmark this page or always visit our website, so that you can have a great discount price and offers, for you online shopping.

so you can follow our guide on how to shop the best smartphone and others items on Jumia Black Friday.

some people have been complaining that prices aren't different from there normal prices.
let me help you with some simple tips you can try, to find the best smartphone offers on jumia black Friday sales.

just have a look on the tips, I will provide you with, am sure it's will surely works for you as I.

1. Make a detailed list of the smartphones you want to buy during Jumia Black Friday offers,the widest collection of cheap phones from various quality Brand's, I have bought Infinix, Tecno, Samsung and Gionee phones and resold them at 10% - 25% profit after a week Black Friday ended, this is a great way to have some money for your self, you too can try that, am sure its will work for you too.

2. Ensure you are having a fast internet connection, today which technology have increased to a an extent, which you can change your device internet connection from 2g, or 3g to 4g. for fast internet connection. which you can quickly be the first to set of deals on initial opening of the store for Black Friday sales, this is usually accompanied by massive traffic as people browse through top categories like smartphones for great deals. just make sure you are using the best network, which have high speed internet in your location to get this opportunity.

3. Don't go for pay on delivery, when checking out/ making your orders, this is the biggest mistakes a lot of customers make. deally, I can’t have 500 buyers ordering for my products with over 400 already paid/sent in cash via debit card transaction(that makes payments) and you still expect me to attend to 100 that are expecting me to deliver before getting paid(Not makes payments). I have to attend to the customers that made payment online and if products are still in store, then I can focus on delivering to customers that opt for payment on delivery. So, when next you are buying a phone on Jumia Black Friday , get your card ready for instant payment so you can enjoy preferential treatment.

4. You should login to your Jumia account here 30 minutes before the Black Friday sales kick off so you can save shopping time that would be wasted on login and registration if you are a new customer.

That’s my simple tips to find the best smartphones deals on Jumia Black Friday. you can have a look on the best jumia phone prices 2018.

Jumia Phone Prices In 2018

Now, let me share quick links to find the best smartphones on Jumia and their prices.

these are some of the high quality smartphones brand to try out 2018

stay connected with basetechs for more updates. base on discount code, offers, and discounts sales.

our blog is always updated base on the updates we got.

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