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Glo, self-acclaimed grandmaster is one of the first indigenous GSM companies in Nigeria. It’s one of the Top fore leading telco in the country. One of the ground-breaking decisions made by Glo is the introduction of billing per second. It was the first in the history of Nigeria`s communication industry. However, Glo Nigeria customers occasionally need help, and that’s where Glo customer care comes in with their help.

Are you a Globacom subscriber and you want to know the number of customer care? Just go through this detailed article to find more about Glo.

Glo Customer Care

Glo boasts of more than 27 million subscribers. A lot of people have been Glo subscribers for many years. Glo customer care line is one of the biggest in Nigeria with good quality Glo customer service 24/7.

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Segmentation In Glo Call Centre

As earlier stated, the company’s Call Centre works every day for twenty-four hours and deals with various customer`s questions, issues, requests and problems. Glo Customer Care has different codes for various specialized segments such as BlackBerry, Glo Business, Postpaid and Prepaid as well as other segment customers.

They can be reached by dialling 121, 151 or 200, depends on your segment as a customer.

Various Glo Customer Care Codes

Below are the major customer care lines in Glo.

1. 121 – Call to this number, and you will get a customer agent on the line. This service is available 24/7. This is actually meant for regular prepaid subscribers. This number is free of charge.

2. 200 – Call to this number, and you will get a customer agent on the line. This service is available 24/7. This is actually meant for post-paid and related segments subscribers

3. 171 – It`s “Glo Hurry Help Line”. You should call this number if you do not wish to wait for a long queue of 121. You will get a person to help you immediately if you call to this platform. Calls to this Glo Customer care line are charged with twenty Naira. You can speak with a professional as long as you wish. You will not spend any more cent. You will only be charged twenty Naira per call.

4. 444 – This line is dedicated for internet related questions. This service is free of charge, but you should remember that you can call to this service only with internet related quarries.

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5. 500 – This line is called a free self-care service. This Glo Customer Care Line will give you the information about the latest promotional offers, migrating codes, services and tariffs. Still, you can`t speak with a professional directly through this line, but calling here is free of charge!

Other methods of solving your problems with Glo Customer Care includes;

* Glo Customer Care Email: You can also send an email with your problem or enquiry on the official email to

* Gloworld Retail Shop: You can walk to the nearest Gloworld Retail Shop to file your complain or submit your request. Gloworld Retail shops are placed all around Nigeria. When you come to the shop, you can get all necessary information connected to your problem. Moreover, you get the information about the latest promotional offers, migration codes, services and tariffs.

* Live Chat: If you wish to stay at home or in your office and do not want to call, Glo Live Chat is another way of reaching Glo reps. All you need is to just visit – the official website of Glo – you can simply click on the chat icon at the low-right corner of the web browser.

* Glo Social Media: Social Media is another unavoidable aspect of life for virtually everybody in Nigerian. You can also reach any of the Glo customer care reps via several Social Media websites. Glo is on Eskimi, Google+, Twitter, Blackberry Channel and Facebook.

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